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Alexandretta reduces your global shipping costs with negotiation
and audit services.


Parcel Negotiation: Our core service is global parcel negotiation. We focus on not only U.S. and Canada-based savings, but EMEA and APAC-based savings as well, inclusive of savings available via local and regional EMEA/APAC carriers and contracts. With over 20 years of experience on both sides of the table, our  Fortune 100 clients often see a 3%-10% in measurable cost reduction, with smaller parcel shippers typically achieving 10%-20% savings.

Audit & Recovery Services: Ongoing audit of parcel invoices (aka freight bill audit or Audit & Recovery services) typically reveals an additional 1%-3% for late delivery refunds and an additional 7%, on average, for manifest errors, shipment rating errors, address corrections and other recoverable charges. Once we’ve begun the freight audit, our parcel auditing reporting options have uncovered savings opportunities up to the 20%+ range. And freight audit savings are in addition to savings achieved via parcel negotiations.

Data Analytics: If a picture is worth 1000 words, then data analytics is worth 10,000. Data drives it all: savings assessments, carrier selection, mode and network optimization. We analyze your parcel auditing data, your freight bill — whether FedEx®, UPS®, or other carriers — and other data to recommend shipping optimization as well as angles for parcel negotiation.

LTL, Ocean & Air Freight Negotiations: Our experts review and uncover cost reduction and cost avoidance opportunities, which can increase savings and profits similar to what we see in our parcel negotiations.


About Us

Alexandretta Transportation Consulting provides global transportation spend management services such as small parcel negotiation, freight audit (such as FedEx® audit and UPS® audit), and shipping optimization. Our expertise within the industry allows us to consistently drive significant cost savings from our clients’ transportation budgets via freight bill audit services, detailed analytics, strategic planning and small parcel negotiations support.

Alexandretta focuses on clients with annual transportation expenditures from $500K to $500mm per individual mode of transportation and specializes in parcel, postal, LTL/TL, ocean and air freight, along with reporting and freight audit and parcel auditing services.

Our Benefits


Our team has nearly 80 years experience negotiating parcel contracts on both sides of the table, as well as managing shipping optimization and small parcel auditing services.


At Alexandretta Transportation Consulting, we say what we are going to do… and then do it. Integrity matters.

Focused on You

We are a committed, WBE-certified, client-centric, solution-oriented enterprise, focused on delivering results, from small parcel negotiation to freight audit services to shipping optimization.


The team at Alexandretta Transportation Consulting has saved companies over $1 billion in shipping and logistics costs over 20 years.


A recent client with $2.7 billion in annual revenues and a small parcel transportation spend of over $50mm achieved 8% savings ($4 million) in the first year alone.


Over the years, our team members have negotiated well over 1,000 transportation/freight contracts.

I had the most profitable year ever, Melissa, and it is because of you.

Ecommerce/ Online Retailer ($12mm/yr small parcel spend, $10mm in savings over 6 years)

I have worked with numerous consultants over my 25 year career in financial management. Melissa’s commitments and expertise place her in the top tier. She’s the whole package and we are fortunate to work with her.

Direct Selling Company (Savings: 10% small parcel, 30% ocean, 25% cross-border)

Melissa would be an asset to any company wishing to review and improve their transportation spend and programs. Surely she will add tremendous value!”

Omni-Channel Merchant ($35mm small parcel spend, 7.9% savings)

Passionate about reducing your freight & logistics costs through small parcel negotiation, parcel audit / freight bill audit services, shipping optimization, and consulting.

Parcel shipping can seem like a complicated business. Alexandretta Transportation Consulting is here to make it as easy as possible to meet our one simple aim:

to reduce your shipping costs while meeting your business objectives.