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Parcel Negotiations

With over 80 years of cumulative experience on both sides of the table, our global parcel negotiation services deliver cost savings based on detailed analytics across the U.S. and Canada as well as offshore in EMEA and ASPAC. Our team has expertise with North American regional carriers as well as EMEA-based regionals and posts.

LTL & TL Freight Negotiations

Focused on U.S., Canada and EMEA, our regional experts review and uncover cost reduction opportunities, always using detailed analytics to deliver savings and increase profits.

Audit Services

U.S.-based, parcel audit recovery for late shipments. Dashboard and portal for reporting including trend analysis, ad-hoc report builder and GL coding.



The team at Alexandretta Transportation Consulting has saved companies over $1 billion in shipping and logistics costs over 20 years.


A recent client with $2.7 billion in annual revenues and a small parcel transportation spend of over $50mm achieved 8% savings ($4 million) in the first year alone.


Over the years, our team members have negotiated well over 1,000 transportation/freight contracts.