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Take advantage of your data!

If you want more savings, you’ve found them! Utilize our parcel audit tools to take your savings the extra mile.

Alexandretta provides best-in-class business intelligence tools that show trends, user dashboards, report scheduling options just to name a few. These easy to use, customizeable, cloud based tools and reports are available via an online portal so you have access to your information wherever you are, whenever you need. 

Do you know what’s on your invoices?

Parcel Audit can save you thousands

No Contract

Start one month, end another. There are no long term contracts to use this  software. If you’re not getting the return you expected, cancel at any time.

Invoice Analysis

Let the software analyze and clean your invoices. The technology is out there. Why not use it to your advantage?

Save Money

No headache and no fuss — our technology does the work. Sit back. The savings will show up — just watch.

Tired of jumping through hoops?

If you’re looking for savings, here they are

Let the numbers do the talking

What shippers don’t want you to know is that they make mistakes. They are good, but let’s face it, we’re all human and as such we make mistakes. Companies are run by humans, therefore, they make mistakes as well!

Instead of you having to pay for someone else’s mistakes, why not get that money sent back to your business?

The question then becomes, HOW do you do it? That’s where Alexandretta can help. The technology we use allows you to see all the key points. Shipments by destination, spend by service per month, volume by service, carrier volume and more! Let the technology chase the refunds for you so you can continue to focus on your business.

Savings add up fast!

Do you want access to technology that is going to save you not just money but time? If you do, this is the place for you!

Have you ever been charged for unused labels? Had to pay late fees? Are your customer relationships being affected by damaged packages showing up? Is there a trend? Is it a certain product? Is that product not being packaged correctly? Take advantage of technology that can give you answers to these types of questions.

What about recoveries? Did you know that ongoing audits of parcel invoices can reveal an additional 1%-3% in recoverable savings? These can be for late shipments, manifest not shipped, lost, and other opportunities. All of this happens while you carry on with your normal day-to-day operations.

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