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We Keep Doing – Until You Start Saving!

What would adding an additional 10 – 20% savings do for your bottom line?


We find parcel savings in 95% of our engagements! Take those savings to your bottom line and increase profitability.


No need to worry about your information getting out there. We work behind the scenes and don’t share your information with anyone.

Savings Analysis

Before we start working together, we will let you know if there is a parcel savings opportunity! If there is no opportunity, we’ll tell you.

No Switching Carriers

We want you to keep your existing shipping contacts in place. No need to switch to save money.

80+ Years’ Experience

Let our FedEx® & UPS® experts work for you. We have more than 80 years of experience on our side which translates into BIG savings for you!


Not sure where to start? Call us! That’s what we’re here for! Let us walk you through what we do and how it will look in your business.

Let us reduce your parcel costs

It’s what we do!


You’re most likely overpaying. Let us show you.

We have industry experts who have worked with, or for the major carriers for many years. We specialize in saving you money with the large carriers.

Savings typically range between 10-20% for clients up to $30mm and 5-15% for clients from $30mm – $500mm.

Let us use our knowledge and experience to save you money! Let us analyze your current spend and we’ll be able to save you  10-20% with your existing carrier(s).


We’ve got experts

Our core service is  parcel negotiation — U.S. and Canada-based savings. Our experts not only have an industry background, but have spent time on the sales and pricing side of the spectrum. We have a unique perspective into carrier pricing and negotiations and can pass savings on to you.

With over 100 years of cumulative experience on both sides of the table, our Fortune 100 clients typically see a 5%-15% cost reduction, with smaller shippers often achieving 10%-20% savings.

Contract Optimization

Regardless of the size, we find savings 95% of the time! Most of our staff has been doing this for 20+ years. Because of our experience and backgrounds, we are able to optimize your contracts in ways that you may not be aware of.   We have spent the time, have the understanding, and are able to pass the savings along to you without interrupting your day to day operations.

Alexandretta becomes a trusted extension of your team adding bandwidth and resources allowing you to focus on what you know best, your business. While you do that, our expertise allows us to drive significant additional savings to you. We have a competitive advantage others don’t. Want to know what it is?

No need to change carriers!

One of the biggest concerns our potential clients have is that they will need to change carriers to get a better rate. That’s not the case. We work behind the scenes to help you maintain your relationships. You keep your existing contract and just pay a lower rate.

We’re here to lower your spend, not rock the boat. Our former FedEx® and UPS® pricing experts know where and what to look for. We’ll create a custom plan based on your current carrier and your existing data to save you money.

No Risk – No Pressure Guarantee

We don’t believe in pressure. We have a passion for what we do and helping our clients. In return, we actually take pressure off of our clients and make their lives easier.

Since we win when you win, there is no risk on your end. No upfront fees, no hidden costs. We are completely transparent with you if there is an opportunity or if there is not.

If you’d like to request a risk free analysis let us know. We’re here and excited to help you save money.

Global Parcel Negotiation – We do that too!

Do you have locations overseas? If you do, we can help! We are able to take what we do domestically and apply it off shore. Our off shore experts provide global savings so you’re able to stay competitive in a global economy.

How you may ask? Our core service is global parcel negotiation – EMEA/ASPAC based savings, as well as U.S. and Canada-based savings. We have domestic and off shore experience on both sides of the table allowing which allows us to provide the maximum benefit to you and your organization.  Our clients recognize our commitment, passion, and integrity. Our experience allow us to help our clients across the globe.

Do you have a question? Check out our FAQ page!