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UPS has announced a rate increase for SurePost. The increase will be effective October 18, 2020.

All SurePost packages will increase by $0.24 A Zone 2, 1 pound package charge will increase by 2.8%. Package charges for SurePost shipments less than 1 pound will increase from $8.58 to $8.82. Package charges for SurePost shipments greater than 1 pound will increase from $8.64 to $8.88.

The move comes just as the holiday peak season begins to come into effect. Packages charges and/or surcharges from the UPS and FedEx typically increase for Peak Season.

This season’s peak increases are expected to be larger, with potentially additional surcharges applied due to the already constrained capacity. Peak season volume has already been increasing massively year over year due to the shift away from malls and into eCommerce shipments.

This year there has been an unprecedented increase in residential eCommerce volume caused by Covid-19 with carriers already seeing typical peak season volume as far back as April of the year With the advent of peak volume added to Covid-19 volume shippers and carriers are seeing a peak season like never seen before and more increases are sure to follow.

For more information on the increase, feel free to check out the UPS rate increase.

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